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Shifting Winds is a FINALIST for the 2017 Nancy Pearl Book Award!

Publisher: Globe Pequot Press, TwoDot Imprint
Published: March 2016

The Shifting Winds portrays the dilemma of reluctant pioneer Jennie Haviland, a young American torn from study at her female academy in New York when her father takes the family west over the Oregon Trail to a wilderness on the far side of the continent. In 1842 Oregon Jennie meets two young men, American mountain man Jake Johnston and British Hudson's Bay Company clerk Alan Radford. The two vie for Jennie, as their nations vie for the contested territory of this rich western frontier. Jennie never expected to find a gentleman in Oregon as fine as Alan Radford. But when Alan asks to court her, Jake does his best to put a crimp in the plans of Alan and his company, and Jennie becomes caught in the conflict of nations and the confusion of her own desires. ~ Historical Fiction


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Publisher: Globe Pequot Press, TwoDot Imprint
Published June 2014

A Place of Her Own: The Legacy of Oregon Pioneer Martha Poindexter Maupin taps into one of the West’s great stories, the bold pioneer crossing a continent, here seen through the eyes of a woman. Martha defies her parents to marry the dashing Garrett Maupin and follows him west across the Oregon Trail, but their struggles in a raw new land soon shatter her dreams of an idyllic life with him. When he dies in 1866, leaving her alone on the Oregon frontier with their many children, she makes a daring decision to buy a farm in this wilderness for herself and her family. The author, Martha’s great-great- granddaughter, now owns that farm. In creative nonfiction style, Janet shows Martha’s long road to this place, with a few short interludes to describe her search for Martha’s story. ~ History


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Future Book Projects

The projects below include books from Janet’s Golden Threads trilogies, which are not out yet. These are epic historical novels set in Minoan Crete and ancient Ireland. Each story traces the life of a strong woman meeting the challenges of her day. History’s other half—remembered. This thread runs through all of Janet’s stories, casting shimmers of light, like a filament of gold woven through a tapestry of time.

The current plan is to present these books in two trilogies. The first trilogy centers on the exotic Greek Isle of Crete. The second trilogy centers on Ireland, the mystical isle known as Éire. As the stories progress, the people of these two islands come together in their search for peace.


Beyond the Waning Moon, Book One, opens on the day warriors first arrive on the Isle of Crete, threatening to snuff out the light of peace the islanders have long enjoyed. The fiery young Cretan priestess Helaina distrusts these warriors from the northern mainland, believing they will destroy all she holds sacred. One of the last holdouts of peace in an increasingly war-torn world, Crete rests like a glittering jewel in the brilliant cobalt sea, an alluring prize for those who crave its riches. Minos of Mycenae, the leader of the visiting warriors, offers protection for the island if the ruling high priestess will become his consort and make him king. Afraid for her people, the high priestess agrees. Helaina rails against the change, but one man will touch her heart and entice her into a clandestine love affair with ramifications far beyond betrayal. ~ Historical Fiction/PNWA Literary Contest Finalist

Grains of Light, Book Two, is the story of the beautiful artisan Sarena whose work will speak across time. The story begins after Beyond the Waning Moon when young King Minos III returns from a voyage to the western sea and meets his two-year-old son by Sarena. Sarena has willingly borne the king’s son as surrogate for her high priestess Helaina, who is too old now to give the king a son and heir. Sarena has lived in Helaina’s home to share the child. But on Minos’s return this arrangement becomes torturous for both Sarena and Minos, because they have feelings for each other forbidden by their culture, and she escapes to her sister’s villa. When Crete confronts its worst crisis, Minos faces the limits of a king’s power when he needs it most. Through her brilliant work Sarena bestows light on her world, but her beauty and art become unwitting lures for a greedy man who threatens all she treasures. ~ Historical Fiction

Talia, Book Three, picks up on the evening of the day Grains of Light ends. The priestess Talia struggles to reclaim hope when her beloved Nikoli rejects her. He knows the exquisite Talia will one day be high priestess and will have to choose her own king-consort, a man who can best serve Crete—most likely Nikoli’s older brother Piero. Nikoli refuses a passionate interim with Talia because he can’t bear the thought of losing her to his brother. Talia finds fiery comfort with Lysandros, Piero’s fine new first officer, a Mycenaean. Lysandros has chosen foreign service in Crete after threats to his life in Mycenae. Meanwhile, Desma, sister of Mycenae’s new king, plots against the Cretans she blames for the death of her father. In Crete’s darkest hour, Talia must put aside her conflicted desires and take up arms against Crete’s enemies. She finally realizes that if she wants to save the light of her people she must embrace the light of love in her own heart. ~ Historical Fiction


The Whisper of Wings, Book One, opens in Ireland when the Cretan fleet sails to the western sea in search of a place the warriors have not come. This book shows the Irish years that parallel the timeline in Book Two of the First Trilogy. Bria, a ravishing young clan leader of Éire, plunges into a stormy love affair with Myreon, a dashing Mycenaean mercenary from the Cretans’ lost ship that shatters on Ireland’s rocky shore. Myreon’s warrior ways trouble her, although he comes to the clan’s aid against slavers from Iberia, and she believes his alien seed will produce strong children. Their son, Leowen, becomes caught in a clash between their worlds, and events take the young man to Crete, where he learns the arts of love and war in a fantastic culture beyond his imagining. He makes a hero’s return, but passions collide, and Bria must overturn tradition to heal the rift and save her people. ~Historical Fiction/PNWA Literary Contest Finalist

Webs of Stone, Book Two, is the story of Bria’s young cousin Zaira, whose desires lead her into a web of intrigue when she entices the handsome trader Niall to take her on his rounds. He agrees, if this feminine beauty will disguise herself as a man. Soon after crossing to the neighboring Grand Isle they lose their way and rebel outlaws abduct them. Brash young rebel leader Graeme tries to recruit them to join his cause of peaceful resistance against the ruthless Westermen, overlords who hold the heartland of Grand Isle. Zaira doesn’t trust him, but she’s intrigued by the plan and by Graeme, an exotic-looking man with ruddy hair and stunning blue eyes. Graeme suffers from his own pain, knowing he’s the bastard son of one of the hated overlords. Zaira follows Graeme into danger and faces heart-rending choices of loyalty and love when Iberians threaten her home back in Éire. ~ Historical Fiction/in progress

Pushing the Tide, Book Three, brings the people of Ireland and Crete together in their quest to maintain the light of peace and freedom in a darkening world. Cretan mariners return to Éire, and Bria’s spirited young granddaughter Avalin falls in love with the fleet’s leader Timon, youngest son of the King of Crete. Timon finds the red-haired beauty Avalin enchanting, if somewhat unpredictable. After several adventurous years at sea he revisits his homeland and discovers that the child Melina he once adored has become a beautiful young woman, and he’s torn. Bria has foretold that Avalin will hold the future of Éire in her arms. But when Avalin falls into the hands of Iberian slavers and a conflicted Iberian lord, she faces a terrible personal choice if she would hold onto some glimmer of peace. ~ Historical Fiction/in progress

The stories continue as the islanders face new threats, and the daughters and sons of Crete and Éire join forces again in love and valor to keep the light alive.